Top PC Games Focused on Combat

Who doesn’t like a good fighting game? Probably every gamer have a collection of his favorites fighting games. It’s good to play them from time to time, especially if you need to blow off some steam. We made a list of 7 PC games with great combat. Let’s find out who made it to our special list.


Devil May Cry

This one is a good fighting game. Devil May Cry 3 is maybe a better game, but this one is a classic. You won’t be able to choose from various great moveset when you unlock most abilities. The soundtrack is amazing. It really puts some moves in high pitch. Devil May Cry offers players wonderful combat and great levels.


Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is pretty adorable fighting game. Who could resist those cute jelly baby fighters? This game is funny and clumsy sometimes. But don’t let those adorable jelly baby fighters fool you. They can be pretty violent. It’s a fighting game, after all.



If you’re up for some experimenting and you like fighting games, you should try playing Toribash. It’s a strange one, be prepared for that. But its simplistic visuals will buy your love and attention instantly. You’ll watch mannequins fighting and you will enjoy that unique sight. Also, when you master the game, you will perform triple kicks that will destroy your opponent immediately.


Blade Symphony

There are not many games that can compete with Blade Symphony when it comes to simulating duels. Blade Symphony makes it very real. You’ll have pretty unpredictable human opponents and you really need to put your mind to it. It’s key to predict your opponent’s next movie. By the way, there is a wide range of character’s moveset.



This is a superb fighting game. It already is great but it is going to be even better once development is completed. Its combat is magnificent. Fighting between rabbits and wolves is extremely enjoyable. Every blow and move is precisely calculated. For example, even rabbit ears’ flexing and bending is synchronized with every move. Developers of Overgrowth deserve an A plus.


Dark Souls

Every step matters in Dark Souls. You need to watch very carefully. It may not look like that at the beginning, but you’ll learn soon enough. Even a little clumsiness could cost you. It’s very important to be tactical. You need to think thoroughly what kind of weapon would be the best fit for your fight. Is it a heavy and long sword so you can reach enemies in a wider rang or is it something lighter you can make faster moves with.

One Finger Death Punch

One Finger Death Punch is a master of simplicity. It has very simple yet perfect system. Its combat is performed with two buttons. It enables you to act fast and precise. If the opponent comes to your right – side attack range, you attack right. If it is the left side, you attack left. It’s that simple yet very effective. One Finger Death Punch offers more than one enemy type and weapon. You’ll create magical fighting with this simple system. Of course, violence and destruction are inevitable.

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Tekken 6 – Iron Fist Tournament Six – Game Review





Combat, Sports


PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


Namco Bandai


When some game franchise is popular and has a large number of fans, it’s an imperative to keep the games constantly interesting so the fans wouldn’t be disappointed. It certainly is not an easy task. It’s even harder when it is a fighting game. Let’s find out do creators of Tekken 6 know what they are doing.



Tekken 6 is very generous when we talk about characters. There are forty fighters. Isn’t that just great? And believe me when I say it really is a variety of characters. There are heavily muscled martial artists, kangaroos, schoolgirls, men with tiger heads and robot girls with exploding heads. That’s an interesting crowd. Variety is not always a good thing, if you catch my drift. Some of those characters are not so likeable. Their appearance is strange and unique, but not in a good way. But the good thing is they all have awesome fighting skills. There is a wide range of fighting techniques. You can find karate, judo, boxing, sumo, Lucha Libre, capoeira and many more. The most impressive thing is that’s not just for show. Some of them are pretty accurate. Yeah, and it’s all bloodless. There’s no spilling blood in those battles. But there are some serious kicks, punches and throws.



There are many ways to play Tekken 6. In the same time, the game is newbie friendly and interesting for old fans. Some of the modes are Practice Mode, Arcade Mode, Team Battle Mode and Time Attack Mode. Practice Mode offers over 10 hard punching moves. Team Battle will challenge you and your friend to compete against one another. With Arcade Mode you get classical one – on – one fight with challenging opponents. Time Attack Mode is all about speed and quantity of killed enemies. My personal favorite is Campaign Mode. If you want to learn about history of Tekken 6 Iron Fist, give it a go. It’s marvelous journey.


A Touch of Darkness

If you expect gore and bloody fighting, this game won’t satisfy you. As mentioned before, there is no brutality but that doesn’t mean this game is all sun and rainbow. Don’t let it trick you. There is violence and some extreme punching and kicking.


Range of outfits available is very wide. From tiny skirts and cleavage tops to priest’s clothes. There is a touch of obscurity in Tekken 6. You can almost say pacts with the devil are being made there. There is an interesting character called Devil Jin. His features include horns and wings and he claims being god.



Well, if you ignore some of the pretty shady characters, you could like this game. I won’t be rude and say that some characters are junk (oops, I just did it) but you can check for yourself. It is certain that Tekken fans will play the game no matter what. I hope that this review helped the rest of you folks.


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Street Fighter X Tekken – Successful Crossover? – Game Review

I’m not exactly sure why Street Fighter X Tekken hasn’t been more popular. Of course, there are a decent number of hardcore fans but still not enough. It’s a mystery for me. Some larger tournaments have even eliminated it from their line – ups.


Vita version is almost the same as the console one. There are the same gameplay mechanics in both versions. The characters are all the same also. You’ll meet Cole, the Sony cats and Pac – Man again. But there is a catch. In order for those characters to be included, you’ll need to repurchase a code and download them in the PlayStation Store.


The Biggest Downfall

Definitely the biggest failure of the game is the interface of the Vita. Street Fighter X Tekken should be played with a 6 button arcade layout. It would be nice to have an arcade stick on consoles but it could be replaced with extra buttons on standard controllers. Unfortunately, it is not possible with Vita. It has only four face buttons and two shoulder ones. That leaves you with only two options. You may try to trigger all three punch or kick buttons. That is option number one. The second option is to map the combination of those buttons to a touch panel area. Hitting the buttons all at the same time is probably easier and better option.


That’s not the only problem with the setting of the touch panel controls. There is possibility for it to become an obstacle in playing the game. You may find yourself triggering the touch panels by accident. It happened to me more than once. Luckily, there is an option of turning the feature off. If it wasn’t for that option, it could cause a lot of problems.


New and Improved Features

I was very lad to see the game improved by adding some new and better features. It is not very helpful in fighting but it comes very handy in some other modes. Character customization was dying for it. Players are now able to touch the colors and costumes. It is a great option. There is even a possibility of sharing character customization by the system’s NEAR functionality.


Another nice improvement is option to play with other players also sharing if they are close to you. Well, the question is will you ever have someone like that in your vicinity but it’s cool to have that possibility.

Gallery Mode

Gallery mode is finally here and it’s awesome! Any music, images or movies you see while playing, now can be viewed through a gallery option. There is an extra option for fan also. You can take pictures using the characters. I was hooked on this option immediately.


My Verdict

I like playing Street Fighter x Tekken. I enjoy while playing it and that’s what’s important to me. Yeah, I will be honest. Arcade stick would be a great accessory if I had it but it is how it is. It will offer you a great experience and some memorable hours. This game is one of the solid ones in a fighting games genre.

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Shadow Fight 2 – A Well Made, Polished, Free to Play Fighting Game!

There are lots of fighting games out there, now even more than ever. The numbers are increasing every day, as they should. You tried Mortal Kombat and it didn’t work. Perhaps it’s too violent for your taste? Street Fighter and similar 2D games are turning you away with their cartoony graphics and excessive use of shining projectiles. Yeah, it gets boring after a while. So what about Tekken? Yeah, we know there are too many combos and it never feels quite like a good time to start learning them. But you still want to play a fighting game. Will we have a game that you probably overlooked.

Try Shadow Fight 2!

Shadow Fight 2 is a physics-based one-on-one fighting game. When it comes to gameplay mechanics it is a mixture between Tekken combos and Street Fighters magic spiced up with weapons from Mortal Kombat. Yeah, sounds crazy right?

However this game is very, very good to tell you the truth.

It features a story mode for you to play through. There are some character customization options although, nothing too fancy. You can learn in unlock additional moves simply by playing the game. New gear, weapons and even spells will become available as you progress throughout the game. On top of all of that, the game is absolutely free to play! There are however some in game purchase options but you can easily get around that with Shadow Fight 2 cheats that can be found on:

You can get it for Android smart phones and tablets, iOS iPhones and iPads and also for Windows 10 powered personal computers and Windows phones running on Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10. This means that you can play this game no matter what hardware you have. It allows for comfort as well as to be played on the go. It supports small and big screens alike which means that you have the privilege to choose when, where and how you want to enjoy the game! What more would you ask from a free to play game?!

If you like fighting games, try it, seriously, even if you are not the type to play these kind of mobile – free to play games. You won’t be disappointed (probably).

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Street Fighter V Rise Up! – Game Review


Story of Street Fighter V Rise Up! It’s a classic bad guys vs. good guys story. M. Bison of Shadalo wants to conquer the world and unites with the Black Moons. In order to stop the bad guys’ domination, others need to form groups and fight against villains. Also, they explain some events which are happening later in the series.


The character story mode helps understanding characters better. Those 6 – 10 minutes long segments shine some light on their motivation and give a chance for learning things.



Street Fighter V is very light in the content department. They should have tried a little better. It’s pretty disappointing. Not to be so harsh, we must say there have been some improvements but still not good enough. Some later updates included modes like Challenges. Not having much content is definitely not the way to attract new customers. There is not enough content for casual players and it’s not very wise to launch a game only for competitors. Option of online playing has been available since release but numerous server issues had put a shadow over it. That was fixed, fortunately, but there is still some bitter taste in our mouths.


Graphics and Gameplay

The best part of the game is probably its looks. Street Fighter V is a big improvement from Street Fighter IV. The game really does look amazing. It is colorful and feels lively. Music is a very good match for the graphics. It’s catchy and additive at some points. There is an option of switching between stage and character music.



They haven’t done any radical changes but few things are different in the control system. The game’s main gimmicks are a Critical Art, a V-Trigger and V-Reversal. Interesting addition is that every character has its own V – Trigger and Reversal ability. This is a great way for characters to distinguish themselves. This control system is noticeable easier than the previous one.


Micro – transactions

We talked about lack of content. Well, they decided to offer micro – transactions. They include things such as color palettes, different costumes, stages and characters that would come as DLC. It can be purchased by real money or Fight Money which is a Street Fighter V’s currency.



Street Fighter V could have been such a great game. But it is not. It isn’t even close to being great. It’s less than average game. It certainly isn’t worth the money you should pay for it. Capcom just didn’t think this one through. They made a game with excellent design and gameplay. If only that could be enough. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough. Content is weak. They should have included more content. We are aware this game was intended for the competitive crowd but what is with the rest of us. Games should not be made in such a fashion. Of course, if you still want to try your luck, go ahead. Surely, there are some ok (even good) parts in the game that will be worth your time. But the game is just not as good as we expected.

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Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm – Animated Series Review

Thanks to Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat had been born. At the time it was created, no game had so much violence, blood and fatalities. Mortal Kombat was a pioneer of that kind of fighting. Of course, blood and gore raised a question of morality for parents all around the world. That’s probably the reason why kids wanted to play it even more. With a huge popularity came inspiration for all other art forms (movies, music, cartoons etc.). One of the cartoons inspired with the game is Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm. Here is a review of the animated series.





  • Voiced by Clancy Brown

Raiden is the god of thunder and Liu King’s mentor and father figure. He is the leader of the team. As the smartest one, he often gives advice to others.


Liu Kang

  • Voiced by Brian Tochi

This shaolin monk is truly a hero. His mission is to defend Earthrealm by fighting in Mortal Kombat tournament. He looks up to Raiden and has feelings for Kitana.


Sub – zero

Luke Perry


  • Voiced by Luke Perry

Although he looks cold and stoic, Sub – zero is very likable. His designed is based on Mortal Kombat 3.


Sonya Blade

  • Voiced by Olivia d’Abo

Sonya Blade is capable and tough fighter. She’s actually not that bad but you’ll have a hard time trying to like her. She is just not very likable. She is impatient, obnoxious and overzealous most of the time. But she is part of the group of the good guys so we shouldn’t think badly of her.


Shao Khan

  • Voiced by John Vernon

Except for the final episode, we don’t see much of Shao Khan in the show. We know he is on the bad side; actually he is the ruler of villains.


Other important and interesting characters are:


Kitana (voiced by Cree Summer)

Syker (voiced by Ron Pearlman)

Night – wolf (voiced by Tod Thawley

Jax (voiced by Dorian Harewood)


The story begins when Shao Khan and his villains win Mortal Kombat tournament. Their next step is to try conquering Earthrealm. The only obstacles on their way are Liu King, Raiden and the group. So, they fight. Raiden, Liu Kang, Kitana, Sonya Blade, Jax and Sub – Zero need to find a way do defend Earthrealm from invaders who entered through portals from other dimensions.



Animation is not good but not bad either. There is some improvement with the last episode. They added a little of anime touch. They should have paid more attention on characters moving and fighting. It tends to be a little slow and stiff.


This show wasn’t a great success. There is no many who liked it. Even the creators of Mortal Kombat didn’t have nice words to say about the cartoon. It had some potentional, but just that and nothing more. It is a cartoon and kids are supposed to watch and love it. Because of that, it wasn’t allowed to contain brutal violence, blood and gore. It’s needless to say that without it just isn’t Mortal Kombat.


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