Shadow Fight 2 – A Well Made, Polished, Free to Play Fighting Game!

There are lots of fighting games out there, now even more than ever. The numbers are increasing every day, as they should. You tried Mortal Kombat and it didn’t work. Perhaps it’s too violent for your taste? Street Fighter and similar 2D games are turning you away with their cartoony graphics and excessive use of shining projectiles. Yeah, it gets boring after a while. So what about Tekken? Yeah, we know there are too many combos and it never feels quite like a good time to start learning them. But you still want to play a fighting game. Will we have a game that you probably overlooked.

Try Shadow Fight 2!

Shadow Fight 2 is a physics-based one-on-one fighting game. When it comes to gameplay mechanics it is a mixture between Tekken combos and Street Fighters magic spiced up with weapons from Mortal Kombat. Yeah, sounds crazy right?

However this game is very, very good to tell you the truth.

It features a story mode for you to play through. There are some character customization options although, nothing too fancy. You can learn in unlock additional moves simply by playing the game. New gear, weapons and even spells will become available as you progress throughout the game. On top of all of that, the game is absolutely free to play! There are however some in game purchase options but you can easily get around that with Shadow Fight 2 cheats that can be found on:

You can get it for Android smart phones and tablets, iOS iPhones and iPads and also for Windows 10 powered personal computers and Windows phones running on Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10. This means that you can play this game no matter what hardware you have. It allows for comfort as well as to be played on the go. It supports small and big screens alike which means that you have the privilege to choose when, where and how you want to enjoy the game! What more would you ask from a free to play game?!

If you like fighting games, try it, seriously, even if you are not the type to play these kind of mobile – free to play games. You won’t be disappointed (probably).

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