Street Fighter V Rise Up! – Game Review


Story of Street Fighter V Rise Up! It’s a classic bad guys vs. good guys story. M. Bison of Shadalo wants to conquer the world and unites with the Black Moons. In order to stop the bad guys’ domination, others need to form groups and fight against villains. Also, they explain some events which are happening later in the series.


The character story mode helps understanding characters better. Those 6 – 10 minutes long segments shine some light on their motivation and give a chance for learning things.



Street Fighter V is very light in the content department. They should have tried a little better. It’s pretty disappointing. Not to be so harsh, we must say there have been some improvements but still not good enough. Some later updates included modes like Challenges. Not having much content is definitely not the way to attract new customers. There is not enough content for casual players and it’s not very wise to launch a game only for competitors. Option of online playing has been available since release but numerous server issues had put a shadow over it. That was fixed, fortunately, but there is still some bitter taste in our mouths.


Graphics and Gameplay

The best part of the game is probably its looks. Street Fighter V is a big improvement from Street Fighter IV. The game really does look amazing. It is colorful and feels lively. Music is a very good match for the graphics. It’s catchy and additive at some points. There is an option of switching between stage and character music.



They haven’t done any radical changes but few things are different in the control system. The game’s main gimmicks are a Critical Art, a V-Trigger and V-Reversal. Interesting addition is that every character has its own V – Trigger and Reversal ability. This is a great way for characters to distinguish themselves. This control system is noticeable easier than the previous one.


Micro – transactions

We talked about lack of content. Well, they decided to offer micro – transactions. They include things such as color palettes, different costumes, stages and characters that would come as DLC. It can be purchased by real money or Fight Money which is a Street Fighter V’s currency.



Street Fighter V could have been such a great game. But it is not. It isn’t even close to being great. It’s less than average game. It certainly isn’t worth the money you should pay for it. Capcom just didn’t think this one through. They made a game with excellent design and gameplay. If only that could be enough. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough. Content is weak. They should have included more content. We are aware this game was intended for the competitive crowd but what is with the rest of us. Games should not be made in such a fashion. Of course, if you still want to try your luck, go ahead. Surely, there are some ok (even good) parts in the game that will be worth your time. But the game is just not as good as we expected.

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