Street Fighter X Tekken – Successful Crossover? – Game Review

I’m not exactly sure why Street Fighter X Tekken hasn’t been more popular. Of course, there are a decent number of hardcore fans but still not enough. It’s a mystery for me. Some larger tournaments have even eliminated it from their line – ups.


Vita version is almost the same as the console one. There are the same gameplay mechanics in both versions. The characters are all the same also. You’ll meet Cole, the Sony cats and Pac – Man again. But there is a catch. In order for those characters to be included, you’ll need to repurchase a code and download them in the PlayStation Store.


The Biggest Downfall

Definitely the biggest failure of the game is the interface of the Vita. Street Fighter X Tekken should be played with a 6 button arcade layout. It would be nice to have an arcade stick on consoles but it could be replaced with extra buttons on standard controllers. Unfortunately, it is not possible with Vita. It has only four face buttons and two shoulder ones. That leaves you with only two options. You may try to trigger all three punch or kick buttons. That is option number one. The second option is to map the combination of those buttons to a touch panel area. Hitting the buttons all at the same time is probably easier and better option.


That’s not the only problem with the setting of the touch panel controls. There is possibility for it to become an obstacle in playing the game. You may find yourself triggering the touch panels by accident. It happened to me more than once. Luckily, there is an option of turning the feature off. If it wasn’t for that option, it could cause a lot of problems.


New and Improved Features

I was very lad to see the game improved by adding some new and better features. It is not very helpful in fighting but it comes very handy in some other modes. Character customization was dying for it. Players are now able to touch the colors and costumes. It is a great option. There is even a possibility of sharing character customization by the system’s NEAR functionality.


Another nice improvement is option to play with other players also sharing if they are close to you. Well, the question is will you ever have someone like that in your vicinity but it’s cool to have that possibility.

Gallery Mode

Gallery mode is finally here and it’s awesome! Any music, images or movies you see while playing, now can be viewed through a gallery option. There is an extra option for fan also. You can take pictures using the characters. I was hooked on this option immediately.


My Verdict

I like playing Street Fighter x Tekken. I enjoy while playing it and that’s what’s important to me. Yeah, I will be honest. Arcade stick would be a great accessory if I had it but it is how it is. It will offer you a great experience and some memorable hours. This game is one of the solid ones in a fighting games genre.

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