Tekken 6 – Iron Fist Tournament Six – Game Review





Combat, Sports


PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


Namco Bandai


When some game franchise is popular and has a large number of fans, it’s an imperative to keep the games constantly interesting so the fans wouldn’t be disappointed. It certainly is not an easy task. It’s even harder when it is a fighting game. Let’s find out do creators of Tekken 6 know what they are doing.



Tekken 6 is very generous when we talk about characters. There are forty fighters. Isn’t that just great? And believe me when I say it really is a variety of characters. There are heavily muscled martial artists, kangaroos, schoolgirls, men with tiger heads and robot girls with exploding heads. That’s an interesting crowd. Variety is not always a good thing, if you catch my drift. Some of those characters are not so likeable. Their appearance is strange and unique, but not in a good way. But the good thing is they all have awesome fighting skills. There is a wide range of fighting techniques. You can find karate, judo, boxing, sumo, Lucha Libre, capoeira and many more. The most impressive thing is that’s not just for show. Some of them are pretty accurate. Yeah, and it’s all bloodless. There’s no spilling blood in those battles. But there are some serious kicks, punches and throws.



There are many ways to play Tekken 6. In the same time, the game is newbie friendly and interesting for old fans. Some of the modes are Practice Mode, Arcade Mode, Team Battle Mode and Time Attack Mode. Practice Mode offers over 10 hard punching moves. Team Battle will challenge you and your friend to compete against one another. With Arcade Mode you get classical one – on – one fight with challenging opponents. Time Attack Mode is all about speed and quantity of killed enemies. My personal favorite is Campaign Mode. If you want to learn about history of Tekken 6 Iron Fist, give it a go. It’s marvelous journey.


A Touch of Darkness

If you expect gore and bloody fighting, this game won’t satisfy you. As mentioned before, there is no brutality but that doesn’t mean this game is all sun and rainbow. Don’t let it trick you. There is violence and some extreme punching and kicking.


Range of outfits available is very wide. From tiny skirts and cleavage tops to priest’s clothes. There is a touch of obscurity in Tekken 6. You can almost say pacts with the devil are being made there. There is an interesting character called Devil Jin. His features include horns and wings and he claims being god.



Well, if you ignore some of the pretty shady characters, you could like this game. I won’t be rude and say that some characters are junk (oops, I just did it) but you can check for yourself. It is certain that Tekken fans will play the game no matter what. I hope that this review helped the rest of you folks.


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