Top PC Games Focused on Combat

Who doesn’t like a good fighting game? Probably every gamer have a collection of his favorites fighting games. It’s good to play them from time to time, especially if you need to blow off some steam. We made a list of 7 PC games with great combat. Let’s find out who made it to our special list.


Devil May Cry

This one is a good fighting game. Devil May Cry 3 is maybe a better game, but this one is a classic. You won’t be able to choose from various great moveset when you unlock most abilities. The soundtrack is amazing. It really puts some moves in high pitch. Devil May Cry offers players wonderful combat and great levels.


Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is pretty adorable fighting game. Who could resist those cute jelly baby fighters? This game is funny and clumsy sometimes. But don’t let those adorable jelly baby fighters fool you. They can be pretty violent. It’s a fighting game, after all.



If you’re up for some experimenting and you like fighting games, you should try playing Toribash. It’s a strange one, be prepared for that. But its simplistic visuals will buy your love and attention instantly. You’ll watch mannequins fighting and you will enjoy that unique sight. Also, when you master the game, you will perform triple kicks that will destroy your opponent immediately.


Blade Symphony

There are not many games that can compete with Blade Symphony when it comes to simulating duels. Blade Symphony makes it very real. You’ll have pretty unpredictable human opponents and you really need to put your mind to it. It’s key to predict your opponent’s next movie. By the way, there is a wide range of character’s moveset.



This is a superb fighting game. It already is great but it is going to be even better once development is completed. Its combat is magnificent. Fighting between rabbits and wolves is extremely enjoyable. Every blow and move is precisely calculated. For example, even rabbit ears’ flexing and bending is synchronized with every move. Developers of Overgrowth deserve an A plus.


Dark Souls

Every step matters in Dark Souls. You need to watch very carefully. It may not look like that at the beginning, but you’ll learn soon enough. Even a little clumsiness could cost you. It’s very important to be tactical. You need to think thoroughly what kind of weapon would be the best fit for your fight. Is it a heavy and long sword so you can reach enemies in a wider rang or is it something lighter you can make faster moves with.

One Finger Death Punch

One Finger Death Punch is a master of simplicity. It has very simple yet perfect system. Its combat is performed with two buttons. It enables you to act fast and precise. If the opponent comes to your right – side attack range, you attack right. If it is the left side, you attack left. It’s that simple yet very effective. One Finger Death Punch offers more than one enemy type and weapon. You’ll create magical fighting with this simple system. Of course, violence and destruction are inevitable.

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