Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm – Animated Series Review

Thanks to Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat had been born. At the time it was created, no game had so much violence, blood and fatalities. Mortal Kombat was a pioneer of that kind of fighting. Of course, blood and gore raised a question of morality for parents all around the world. That’s probably the reason why kids wanted to play it even more. With a huge popularity came inspiration for all other art forms (movies, music, cartoons etc.). One of the cartoons inspired with the game is Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm. Here is a review of the animated series.





  • Voiced by Clancy Brown

Raiden is the god of thunder and Liu King’s mentor and father figure. He is the leader of the team. As the smartest one, he often gives advice to others.


Liu Kang

  • Voiced by Brian Tochi

This shaolin monk is truly a hero. His mission is to defend Earthrealm by fighting in Mortal Kombat tournament. He looks up to Raiden and has feelings for Kitana.


Sub – zero

Luke Perry


  • Voiced by Luke Perry

Although he looks cold and stoic, Sub – zero is very likable. His designed is based on Mortal Kombat 3.


Sonya Blade

  • Voiced by Olivia d’Abo

Sonya Blade is capable and tough fighter. She’s actually not that bad but you’ll have a hard time trying to like her. She is just not very likable. She is impatient, obnoxious and overzealous most of the time. But she is part of the group of the good guys so we shouldn’t think badly of her.


Shao Khan

  • Voiced by John Vernon

Except for the final episode, we don’t see much of Shao Khan in the show. We know he is on the bad side; actually he is the ruler of villains.


Other important and interesting characters are:


Kitana (voiced by Cree Summer)

Syker (voiced by Ron Pearlman)

Night – wolf (voiced by Tod Thawley

Jax (voiced by Dorian Harewood)


The story begins when Shao Khan and his villains win Mortal Kombat tournament. Their next step is to try conquering Earthrealm. The only obstacles on their way are Liu King, Raiden and the group. So, they fight. Raiden, Liu Kang, Kitana, Sonya Blade, Jax and Sub – Zero need to find a way do defend Earthrealm from invaders who entered through portals from other dimensions.



Animation is not good but not bad either. There is some improvement with the last episode. They added a little of anime touch. They should have paid more attention on characters moving and fighting. It tends to be a little slow and stiff.


This show wasn’t a great success. There is no many who liked it. Even the creators of Mortal Kombat didn’t have nice words to say about the cartoon. It had some potentional, but just that and nothing more. It is a cartoon and kids are supposed to watch and love it. Because of that, it wasn’t allowed to contain brutal violence, blood and gore. It’s needless to say that without it just isn’t Mortal Kombat.


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